Friday, April 2, 2010

The Finished Product!

My apologizes for not posting this yesterday, as time simply got away from me. With that said, I would like to introduce to you the farmsteads new horse barn. As you can see by the expressions on the horses faces, they are thrilled to be in their new home.

They have settled in quite nicely, adjusting their new lavish lifestyle. After all, becoming pampered daily takes some getting accustomed to. But they are managing.

Farming Fabulously

Program Note: No piglets allowed!

This Is Not Your Average Dental Appointment!

I strongly believe in good dental hygiene. You must take care of your teeth in order to prolong the need for dentures.

Even the Equine members of the farmstead need to get their tarter build up removed every so often.

You see, our Equine friends have lots of teeth. Without proper maintenance, their teeth develop sharp points on them. Thus rubbing soars in their mouths and making it difficult for food (hay, grain, grass) consumption.

The horse pictured above is Roger. Notice his front teeth.

That's right, he doesn't have any! Roger and his mother were in a horse trailer accident was he was a young colt (baby horse). His only battle wound was loss of teeth. Extremely minimal considering.

But what teeth he does have, we have to preserve and handle with care. Here the good Doctor was filing down one of his canine teeth.

Have you ever seen the inside of a horse's mouth? Very complex...

Unlike Roger, Bucks has a brilliant set of pearly whites.

Have a lovely weekend!

Farming Fabulously

Program Note: GATKA (Going Around Town Kissing Ass) Day is on Monday, we are looking forward to seeing everyone. I will be posting some of the recipes that we will be delivering this weekend.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Horse Barn Rewind!

Before the arrival of Baby D, we were scampering around frantically attempting to complete the horse barn/pasture. The completion was successful by a mere 4 days!

These are some of the pictures of near the end of completion.

As you can see, every detail had to be exact. Who needs a tractor when you have man power like these FB's (Farm Boy's) to get the job done.

However, self motivation and pure endurance can only last so long.

Now using equipment to get the job done, does not show a sign of weakness but instead a sense of genius.

Farm Motto: "Work Smarter Not Harder". Yeah, that's definitely our motto today!

Utter contentment was felt by everyone, our boys (the horse's) were finally home!

Farming Fabulously

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Farm Family Horse Barn Is Coming Along Nicely!

We have walls now! Tall, prominent, towering, walls, how splendid is that? Look, they reach all the way up to the heavens, this building has some height to it now.

Check out the landscaping bricks, they will flatter the red tin walls exquisitely! Enhancing only the perfect characteristics that this barn will possess. Just because it is a barn doesn't mean it has to look all dappy. Here at the old O-K, we love lots of color, so we will have an abundance of shades and textures of flowers perched along the elevated barn barriers. And even though we live in the area prodimently refered to as Timbuktu, we still like our surrounding humble abode to look spiffy.

Farming Fabulously

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You Can't Have A Horse Barn Without Having Any Pasture!

The FB's have really made a tremendous amount of progress toward the horse barn! It might actually be finished before our little fella arrives. How exciting would that be?

For the complying of the 32.5 acre barrier, the FB's used heavy steel posts and premade three rail fence for containing our horses within there rigthful surroundings. I don't even think a F3 could rip out their quality handy work!

Here comes my knight in shining armor! He wasn't going to let momma walk all the way home with her 6.5lb son. Your a swell gentleman HH, now if you wouldn't mind running into town for some Praline Ice Cream that would be great.

Farming Fabulously

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Construction Process Has Really Begun!

The FB's have really been making progress with the horse barn over the past few days! We not only have the floor poured, we also have began framing up the walls.

The FB's have been such troopers, instead of gallivanting down at the lake this summer, they have made a unanimous decision to stay around the farmstead and get this horse barn complete! They sure are a swell group of young lads, wouldn't you say?

Farming Fabulously

Program Note: The last letter in baby boy's name will be revealed this afternoon, along with the official rules and/or regulations for our big loot game....

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Horse Barn Is Now 1/327865732 The Way Done!

We are beginning to really make some progress building the horse barn/ *cough* *choke* *slight weeze* I mean snowmobile shed! The FB's (Farm Boy's) have been busy running water lines and electrical cords into and around the barn area.

I have never really witnessed a process like this before, I guess I have just came upon buildings mid-way through completion, when the cement has already been poured. So this has been quite the learning experience for this momma, and thus have came to the conclusion that "Preggo Underground Line Installer" is not a very flattering occupation.

Each of the lines and cords were run into giant black tubes (pictured below).

This will one day house an immaculate underground "Fort" equipped with running water and bright lights for our young son to play "Jesse James vs. Tanto" (please excuse my political incorrectness).

Farming Fabulously

Program Note: Another letter for Baby Boy's Name will be revealed tomorrow! Maybe even a tiny little peak into the nursery, may be unveiled? Maybe!